Our Products

We provide the freshest fish and seafood from both local waters and the world’s oceans. Because we understand your exacting standards, we look for premium quality produce that will satisfy both you and your customers’ palates.

We only source fish across the country if it is not available locally: this minimises our food miles and maximises freshness.

Fresh products

We have a presence at every major UK port, plus strong links with local day boat fishermen. We also maintain relationships with international suppliers. This ensures the best quality, freshest fish on the market. See our fish guide for more details.

We continue to search for interesting and innovative products that will create a splash on your menu – from edible seaweeds and crustaceans through to exotics.

Frozen products

We offer a comprehensive range of frozen fish and seafood. This includes prawns, prepared fish fillets and a variety of exotics, offering caterers quality-assured convenience. We also work closely with our customers on new product development to create value-added products.

Chilled and larder products

We have a wonderful selection of hot and cold smoked and cured fish. As well as haddock, salmon and mackerel, we stock many others to a wide variety of specifications.

Contact us to discuss any specific smoking requirements you may have. We also offer a selection of cooking wines, sea salt and oils – even seawater from the Faroe Islands.