Fish Guide – Size and Weight

Here’s a selection of the sizes and unit weights of the wholesale seafood and fish that we sell.

If you require something not on this list, please contact us. Our experienced fishmongers can advise you in more detail.

Fish SpeciesType of Fish
cuttlefish, octopus, squidCephalopods, PDF (818Kb)
barracuda, barramundi, black banded bream, emperor fish, grouper, red dorade, red snapper, silver pomfretExotics, PDF (425Kb)
brill, dab, Dover sole, farmed turbot, wild halibut, lemon sole, megrim sole, plaice, wild turbot, witch soleFlat Fish, PDF (1.8Mb)
carp, catfish, pangasius, perch, pike, tench, tilapia, zanderFresh Water Fish, PDF (483Kb)
mahi mahi, marlin, sail fish, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail kingfishGame Fish, PDF (384Kb)
anchovies, cod, coley, gilthead bream, grey mullet, gurnard, haddock, hake, herring, hoki, John Dory, ling, mackerel, meagre, monkfish, mullet, pilchards, pollock, pouting, red sea bass, sardines, sea bream, stone bass, whitingRound Fish, PDF (2.1Mb)
brown trout, golden trout, native wild salmon, rainbow trout, wild Alaskan salmon, sea reared troutSalmon and Trout, PDF (714Kb)
clams, cockles, cold water prawns, crabs, crawfish, crayfish, langoustine, lobster, prawns, oysters, scallops, shrimps, warm water mussels, warm water prawns, whelks, winklesShellfish, PDF (1.3Mb)
Arbroath smokies, caviar and roes, gravadlax, kippers, marinated seafood, smoked eel, smoked fish, smoked haddock, smoked halibut, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, smoked trout, squid ink, tuna in brineSmoked Fish, PDF (1.4Mb)
battered cod, battered haddock, battered squid rings, battered tempura prawns, beer battered cod goujons, blanchbait, breaded and battered fish, breaded butterfly prawns, breaded cod, breaded haddock, breaded plaice goujons, breaded king prawns, breaded sole goujons, breaded salmon goujons, breaded squid strips, breaded torpedo prawns, brown potted shrimps, fish cakes, fish fingers, pink potted shrimps, prawns, filo pastry king prawns, scampi, whitebaitValue Added Frozen, PDF (270Kb)