Our Suppliers

Local fishermen

Local fishermen give us an amazing supply of the freshest fish available, from sea bass, Dover sole and skate through to grey mullet and cod. We also source many other sustainable varieties when in season. During the summer we also supply lots of beautiful lobsters, crabs and shellfish.

Day boats

We work with day boat suppliers in ports all around the UK.  We are fortunate to be based in Brixham where we have access to a fantastic fleet of day boats who land the freshest and best quality seafood in our waters.

Farmed fish

Aquaculture is now an everyday part of our working lives. We work closely with farms in South Africa, Ireland, Greece, France, Norway, Thailand, India, China, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, the Faroe Islands, the Maldives and Holland to ensure consistency of supply and quality.


We only work with small, specialist operators for live shellfish, all our crabs and lobsters are potted, whilst our cockles and palourdes are hand-raked. This gives us the reassurance they are sustainable and of the very best quality.