Locally Caught Fresh Fish 

Quality Seafood Sourced from Devon

Brixham, Devon

Brixham’s fishermen are at the centre of Brixham’s community and they mainly consist of local residents who have followed in the footsteps of their predecessors. It isn’t an easy job, but it is a very rewarding one and we couldn’t supply the fish that we do without them. For this reason, we have strong ties with many and support all boats from the larger vessels to the smaller day boats. Our fishermen head to sea in the middle of the night, or before sunrise, and catch the freshest fish available.

Full traceability is provided throughout the process, so we will always know exactly where your fish has come from and the correct catch area. When the fish reaches the surface, each boat will unhook, rinse and store the fish in temperature-controlled containers, maintaining optimum freshness until reaching land. Some of the boats we buy from including the Seafever for crabs, Venturer for lobsters, Shaman for line caught bass, Girl Debra for lemon sole, Hannah Marie for squid and so on.

The World Famous Brixham Fish Market

The idyllic fishing port of Brixham, and The World Famous Brixham Fish Market, are located nearby and provide us with a host of local day boat fish each day, caught by our local fishermen. The fishing industry runs through our blood, with many of our staff growing up within fishing families and in the thick of fishing boats! Our dedicated team of buyers wake at sunrise to buy from Brixham market, early each day, to secure the freshest, locally sourced day boat catches available.

The boats remain at sea for anything between 1 to 7 days at a time, where they mainly fish throughout the English Channel, but can also operate in waters along the Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea. There are also a variety of scallop boats that dock in Brixham and fish around the local area. They use best practices, beyond industry standards, and supply us with the best quality shellfish around.

Species Native to Brixham

With over 40 species of fish landing in Brixham, our fisherman bring in coastal native species like lemon sole, john dory, gurnard, red mullet, plaice, brill, turbot, whiting, megrim sole, dover sole, monkfish, mackerel, herring, sardines, hake and many more. This is in addition to a wide range of hand dived and day boat shellfish such as, scallops, crabs and lobsters.

Plymouth & Newlyn Fish Markets

Along with the famous Brixham fish market, we also buy from Newlyn and Plymouth fishing quays on a daily basis.

Plymouth’s Fish Market is not as renowned as Brixham, but we recognise the quality and price of the fish caught here. This allows us to provide more variety for our customers, and value, where we can fulfil their demands and source the right fish, at the right price!

Like Brixham, Newlyn Fish Market is famous in its area. On the fleet, you will see a mixture of beam trawlers, stern trawlers, potting boats and ring-netters, as well as the netting fleet that pursues high-quality pollock, red mullet, turbot and monkfish. More than 600 vessels and 100 fishermen land up to 40
different species of fresh fish each day, allowing it to land a substantial amount of fish every year.

To handpick the very best for our customers, and offer a variety of different species throughout the season, we source from a few markets around the South Coast. In return, we can offer you the freshest, most high-quality catch around, at the best possible price. This is what we stand by, and we have strong relationships with all these markets to sustain our quality supply.